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Unique design – an inseparable combination of creative spirit, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology ...

HOTE design covers all stages of the design model creation process in-house.
Our clients enjoy the benefits of our services: We realise every individual requirement to the highest level of quality, and always on time.

For many years Wolfgang Holzinger contributed significantly to Audi in Ingolstadt as a car design modeller. In 1981 he founded the HOTE Studio für Produktdesign. HOTE remains a family-run business to this day: His daughter, Claudia Schefbauer-Holzinger (model construction) and his son, Marcus Holzinger (design) undertake management duties for the company.

Competency that inspires customers
HOTE sets high standards in the area of design models, demonstrated by its dedication and passion down to the last detail, as well as pioneering work to develop modern, sophisticated production processes.
Here high technology always goes hand-in-hand with manual craftsmanship. Our specialists add the finishing touches to each model themselves as per the computerised milling. This means that every model we produce is distinctively unique.

"Design made extraordinary by its distinctive touch ..."



Design between technology and nature
HOTE Studio für Produktdesign intentionally chose a location away from the hustle and bustle of modern industrial cities. Situated in the centre of the Altmühltal nature park in Bavaria, Beilngries provides the ideal setting for focussed, creative work.
Thanks to its central and convenient location, industrial centres such as Munich, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and nearby international airports can be quickly reached from Beilngries, offering optimum conditions for providing extensive, personal support for our renowned clients in Europe and overseas.

Ambience shapes the product – HOTE architecture
Distinct lines. Focus on the essentials. Use of high-quality materials. These form the basis for the exceptional quality that HOTE products deliver. This is also evident in the building’s architecture, which makes our company’s "touch" outwardly visible. "The working environment has an effect on the product", says HOTE’s Managing Director, Marcus Holzinger. Completed in 2014, the new HOTE studio building complex is therefore characterised by functional aesthetics, which emit a great deal of human warmth despite all the functionality.

A question of trust
The highest level of confidentiality is normally essential for new product designs. HOTE strives to ensure that this confidentiality remains intact. The external areas of the company premises are reliably protected against unauthorised viewing.
However, we always present the design models to our clients in an optimum light to ensure that every detail is displayed to its full potential and can be properly assessed. We set up a large, unique hall for this very purpose, equipped with the latest lighting technology. Our clients can also use this area as a comfortable retreat for discussions.


Specialist departments

From CAD model to the finishing touch
The perfect design needs personality and a personal touch. We therefore oversee all stages of the production process when creating high-quality product design models. We make use of the opportunities that modern technology provides. However, we can also produce every detail manually if desired. Perfectionism is more than just a promise at HOTE. It characterises our entire corporate culture, the motivation of our staff and every single stage of production.

CAD design: Virtual modelling - from draft version to product design
HOTE has had its own CAD design studio since the late 1990s. This is where our specialists work on computers to create virtual, three-dimensional design models using the ICEM Surf and Alias software solution as per customer requirements. All drafts are formed by working closely with the customer. HOTE takes on an "intermediary" role, perfectly coordinating technological and design requirements throughout the development process.

Modelling: A milling blank is formed - the first step towards a physical product model
Our modellers are able to realise the most complex blanks using many years of experience and expertise - with separate doors, bonnets or detailed, milled interiors.

Milling: Mechanical precision - the physical model takes shape
Multiple state-of-the-art five-axis milling machines are available at HOTE for computerised processing of plastic coated offset blanks, including full-sized milling machines for processing vehicle models in 1:1 scale.

Paintwork: Create glistening highlights with the perfect paintwork
The HOTE Studio für Produktdesign finishes its models using its own paintwork directly at the Beilngries site. The advantage for clients: Guaranteed quality of the highest level and confidentiality without compromise.

Plexiglas forming
We have our own Plexiglas forming department to design windows and headlight lenses. Plexiglas blanks are heated in a suspended or thermoformed process to achieve the desired curvature. Our modellers meticulously trim each model by hand. 

Studios: "Personal touch" - highlighting the individual character of each model
Our design models are always distinctive and unique in appearance. Our experienced specialists achieve this by manually and elaborately processing each product to meet customer requirements.



HOTE design models - as individual as our customers
Our models are used by customers for a wide range of purposes: from the initial "design study you can touch" in the early stages of development to the luxuriously designed show car with complete interior, attracting the attention of visitors at specialist trade fairs and car showrooms. Our experienced specialists carefully design each model as per your specifications, thinking pragmatically from the very start: For example, how can the design model be shipped to sites around the world safely, on schedule and cost-effectively? We have developed solutions using our many years of experience that are unique to this sector, and which also influence our manufacturing processes.

Foam models - light, strong, cost-effective
Is your draft design in proportion? In order to test this in the early stages of development, we produce a model for you made from light blue or yellow foam. Foam models are a particularly cost-effective way of transforming CAD data into a tactile experience.

Complete hard models - the easy and flexible way to view the design
Design models should provide as accurate an impression as possible of how the finished product will look. It needs to be light to transport and easily able to withstand great forces. It represents a very accurate physical impression of the draft design. They are used as presentation and cost-effective data reference models.

Transparent models - impressively realistic
Transparent models are a particularly elaborately designed version of the hard model. They allow an unobstructed view of the vehicle’s interior. Transparent models impress with their refined look. They have a "lighter", more fragile and more realistic effect than the hard models. 

Mobile design models - experience what moves
Nothing conveys better the fascination with an unusual car than seeing a dazzling, real-life produced mobile design model in action. The most well-known car manufacturers use HOTE mobile design models for marketing campaigns and more – for example, in the run-up to large trade fairs or industry events.

Show cars - perfected design and craftsmanship
Show cars are the most prestigious activity when it comes to modelling. They provide the ultimate highlight at trade fairs and events with elaborately orchestrated product presentations. Manufacturers announce new product lines or styles for brands. Visually, a show car is barely distinguishable from a standard vehicle and provides an accurate impression of both its exterior and interior.





HOTE Studio für Produktdesign GmbH
Eichstätter Str. 9 a, 92339 Beilngries, Germany

Phone: +49 8461 6427-0, Fax: +49 8461 6427-15, Mail: info@HOTE-Design.de

Contact Person: Claudia Schefbauer-Holzinger (director), Marcus Holzinger (director)

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