CAD VR: Forward-looking design with Virtual-Reality-Check

As a quick sketch, the first design draft often does not display its full potential. A 3D visualisation allows a more realistic representation of the CAD data, and helps to evaluate concepts quickly and effectively in real time. For this reason, we use VRED 3D visualisation software for design reviews – the ideal tool for saving valuable time and money on the way to the physical model.

When viewed through virtual reality (VR) goggles, the 3D model becomes even more realistic and vivid: virtually all the details of the design gain an almost realistic appearance, becoming almost tangible to the user.

The advantages of 3D visualisation in practice

By creating the most realistic visualisations of the entire vehicle or of individual details, much effort can be saved in the development of the finished model. Sometimes virtual 3D designs can even replace the physical model, if a tangible physical model is not vital.

VR technology does not, however, have to be limited to the development of new vehicle designs. It is also possible, for example, to digitally capture the bodies of classic vehicles and prepare them for multimedia applications – for example for presentation in showrooms or museums.

Effective presentation in the right ambience

VR not only enables the realistic representation of a digital design draft. In the virtual space, the vehicle model comes ‘alive’ thanks to the ability to set it in a variety of environments – from urban or futuristic scenes through to natural landscapes. Using filmlike sequences, the observer can be completely immersed in the atmosphere, and experience the vehicle close up in spectacular situations – even before the creation of the physical model.

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