Hard modelling: Incorporate your own style to reflect the special character of a model

Our design models always feature an unmistakeable and unique ‘face’ incorporated by our highly experience hard modeller who can painstakingly reprocess each product by hand in line with clients’ needs.
Such a demanding process step requires an especially well-trained eye. Each handle must be processed with utmost precision to ensure none of the clearance limits are exceeded and that even the most inconspicuous curves and edges can play a fully effective part in the overall appearance.
Yet more crucial design ideas often flow into the model via the manual followup adjustments. To ensure these can be used in the rest of the design process, we then read the data into the virtual CAD model using photogrammetry and a hand-held scanner.

A finishing touch of chrome, plexiglass and light – details which make an impact

It is often the smallest design accents which properly underline the elegant appearance of a model. These include rear-view mirrors, radiator grilles, trim and headlights, which we produce from plastic in our own studios. Using vacuum evaporation we lend the piece a characteristic chrome look to give the design model an even more realistic effect.

LED technology enables us to create attractive and realistic headlights and rear lights for models.

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