HOTE studio for product design and model construction

HOTE design models – as individual as our clients

Our models are used by clients for a whole host of purposes: from the first ‘touchable’ design study during the early stages of development, through to a luxuriously appointed show car complete with interior which will catch the attention of every trade fair and car showroom visitor.

Our experienced specialists diligently customise each model in line with your specifications while applying a diligent approach: How can design models be delivered on time, intact and in the most cost-effective way possible to any location around the world? For questions such as these, we have developed solutions on the basis of our many years of experience, which are unique to the sector and also influence our manufacturing processes.

The HOTE process

„The HOTE design process is carefully thought out down to the smallest detail and offers clients a range of unique advantages: based on the many years of practical experience of our specialists, each process step is continuously improved and adjusted to fit in perfectly with the overall process. This allows us to produce top quality design models and show cars with minimal time and resources.“
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HOTE products:

A design becomes "touchable"