Clay models: Flexible development of the initial design

Clay models made of industrial plasticine are one of the traditional processing methods in automotive design. They are mainly used in the early design stages; and with good reason. The material can be shaped easily and does not require long drying times. Processing can be done manually or with light milling machines directly in the design studio.
The advantage: clay models enable intuitive working. The material is easy to apply or remove as necessary, making it a quick and easy process of spontaneous trial and experiment to achieve the desired final result.

Flexible development of the initial design

The basis for each clay model is the design draft stored as a CAD dataset. Subsequent changes are scanned in and can then be further processed in the CAD program. Many of our clients appreciate clay models for their flexibility. However, HOTE also offers many time- and cost-saving alternatives – right through to the immediate creation of a hard model.

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