New electric super sports car in retro-futuristic design

Founded by Marcus Holzinger, E-LEGEND AG is a byword for thrilling vehicles which blend the aesthetics of the mythical rally cars of the 1980s with state-of-the-art e-technology. The company’s aim is to “transfer the analogue primal instincts of emotional driving into the digital world and revolutionise the market for e-sports cars”.

E-LEGEND is based in Beilngries, Bavaria, and in the form of the EL1, the company has developed a super sports car with an electric drive that combines pioneering technology with a passion for automotive racing. Just 30 examples of the hand-crafted EL1 will be sold. The car rides on a super-lightweight carbon monocoque from the world of motorsports, and represents the pinnacle of sports driving combined with high suitability for everyday use.


The EL1 chassis


The E-LEGEND company was founded out of the HOTE product design studio. The EL1 electric super sports car designed by Marcus Holzinger is the first of the company’s projects to reach the production line. 

On its journey towards series production, the vehicle passed every phase of the HOTE design process with flying colours. Whether it’s virtual CAD modelling (including all the intermediate and subsequent steps), the milling of blanks or hard modelling, every step has been thought through down to the last detail, and is continuously improved and optimally integrated into the overall process. The end result is superior quality combined with the optimal expenditure of time and resources.

Marcus Holzinger’s design has given birth to a retro-futuristic, all-wheel-drive e-vehicle. The facts are impressive: 816 hp, 0-100 kph in 2.8 seconds in the first stage of development, a super lightweight carbon monocoque and a range of 400 kilometres. 

For the E-LEGEND EL1 project, Marcus Holzinger put together a team of experienced and passionate car enthusiasts from the fields of design (HOTE product design studio), technology (Roding Automobile) and sales. They all have one thing in common: their desire to create new driving legends.bile Legenden zu kreieren.

The E-LEGEND EL1 will go on sale at the beginning of 2022 to be snapped up by enthusiastic motorsports-loving drivers. This superior e-sports car will be finished at the HOTE Design headquarters in the heart of Bavaria.

If you have any questions about this legendary new vehicle, we are available at any time.

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