The ambiance shapes the product

The ambiance shapes the product Clear lines. Concentrating on the most essential aspects. Using the highest grade materials. These are the basic quality requirements which HOTE ensures are applied to all their products. They are also reflected in the architecture of our buildings and ensure our company’s ‘signature’ is visible even from the outside.

“The effects of the working environment can be seen in our products”, says HOTE Managing Director, Marcus Holzinger. This is why the building complex completed in 2013 for HOTE Studios is characterised by an objective aesthetic which still exudes warmth despite being a highly functional structure.

Vision needs space to grow

The wide office rooms are flooded by light but kept very down-to-earth. The materials wood, glass and concrete dominate. Frugal yet effective colour accents help bring together the architecture and the specially selected furniture. 
Healthy and ergonomic working conditions are given the highest priority in the production studios. State-of-the-art ventilation system ensure efficient protection against harmful substances created during milling, polishing and painting. Ideal light conditions ensure the design models can be closely inspected during every production stage.

It’s a question of trust

Stringent confidentiality conditions often apply to design drafts for new products. HOTE ensures that confidential material is kept confidential. The outdoor area of the premises is reliably protected against prying eyes. But when it comes to presenting our design models to customers, we take every effort to ensure they are shown in the very best light. This ensures that the full effects of every detail are visible and can be properly evaluated. For this purpose, we have built our own presentation hall which is both spacious and one-of-a-kind – equipped with the latest lighting technology and offering clients an ideal and comfortable location to retreat for meetings.  

The HOTE office complex

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