HOTE design process

The HOTE design process: A holistic concept which pays for itself

Marcus Holzinger:
„The HOTE design process is carefully thought out down to the smallest detail and offers clients a range of unique advantages: based on the many years of practical experience of our specialists, each process step is continuously improved and adjusted to fit in perfectly with the overall process. This allows us to produce top quality design models and show cars with minimal time and resources.“

To start, there is often nothing more than a quickly drafted pencil sketch. It is only after many small process steps that the final design for a new vehicle comes to fruition. With our close links to automobile manufacturers, HOTE takes over the entire process of implementing the design specifications – from developing a detailed CAD model through to a finely produced piece of bodywork at a scale of 1:1. 

The HOTE process

A holistic concept


The following thought processes are involved in each work step

The most special feature of the HOTE design process is its flexibility and versatility. All procedures are closely interlinked and perfectly matched against each other in a modular fashion. 

This also enables our modellers to realise special specifications from clients very quickly and at short notice, such as: 

  • Last-minute design changes
  • Cost-efficient and rapid realisation of various model types.

Unlimited scalability – for a variety of tasks

The HOTE design process can easily be transferred to other areas. This is how HOTE modellers have been developing bodywork models for many years as well as vehicle details, lights, interiors and custom wheel designs for premium manufacturers.

We lead and accompany our customers through all process stages of a joint project!