Overview: From the sketch to adding the final touch

Accomplished design requires personality and an unmistakeable signature. This is why we take care of all the steps involved in creating high-quality product design models.

We make use of all the options offered by modern technology but can work on every detail by hand if requested. Here at HOTE, perfectionism is more than a promise. It characterises our company culture, the motivation of our staff and every production step, down to the smallest detail.

Spark emotions from the very first pencil stroke
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CAD modelling
Virtual modelling / Acting as a bridge between design and construction
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Forward-looking design with Virtual-Reality-Check
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CAD construction
Sophisticated construction processes simplify and accelerate final assembly
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Machining of the blanks over several steps
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Model construction
Creation of the basic structure for the physical design model
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Hard modelling
Manual modelling after the virtual CAD design
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In-house painting of design model
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Own department for creating plexiglass elements
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